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project at a glance

The Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is a 12-story, 700,000 square foot ambulatory care center with an adjacent, five-story, 1500-space underground parking garage, and an expanded central utility plant. The Center houses various ambulatory care clinics supporting outpatient diagnostics and specialty care services.  It is located beside the Colket Translational Research Building, which was also built by Turner.

Turner performed one of the largest excavations of its kind in the city of Philadelphia in order to prepare this site for the facility. Over the course of the nine-month excavation, the team excavated 70 feet down and hauled out roughly 300,000 cubic yards of rock.

In addition to building a world-class pediatric care facility, the project involved the construction of the largest green roof in Philadelphia, a sprawling 3-acre landscaped plaza.  Constructed on the roof level of the parking garage, the plaza incorporates local trees, shrubs, and flowering plants as well as four separate water fountains to create a setting that rivals a botanical garden.  The plaza alone took nearly 145,000 man-hours to complete and includes 166 trees, 3,635 shrubs, 16,366 perennials, 6,000 cubic yards of planting soil and stone mix, 30,000 square feet of stone pavers, and 10,000 square feet of stone cladding.

The project  achieved LEED Gold certification.

View this project in Turner City 2015.

Make a 3D print of the Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care.

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